Team Matchmaking

If you are a member or wish to join Team Matchmaking, you will find all the necessary documents on this intranet page.

Team Matchmaking hosts 2 cells:

Marketing Cell

​The prime objective of the Cell “Marketing” is to create, increase and sustain brand recognition and awareness of OVO and ST4A, targeted at an audience of European-based businesses and business organizations, Belgian government and related relevant institutions, investment funds, educational organizations. The Cell is also taking care of awareness creation in the general public in order to attract private investors and donors as well as volunteers to take up specific roles in the OVO network.​

Sales Cell

The Cell “Sales” is in charge of acquiring, establishing and maintaining a network of funding sources, both structural and ad hoc, and, both to as well finance ST4Africa project investments and selected NGO projects as internal OVO operations via structural OVO partners and the OVO Acceleration Fund.​

The Cell Sales pursues its objectives and targets via 3 distinctive job roles:​

New Business Manager whose main objective is the acquisition of new partners and funding sources via prospection and active selling. ​

New Business Data Miner is a research role in support of new business development.  The focus is on identifying target prospects or prospect groups in line with the commercial strategy and on preparing an identification file on selected prospects, including foundations and subsidies.​

Account Manager whose main objective is to maintain and deepen relations with existing partners and sources of funds in order to guarantee continuity of funding.

Promotiemateriaal + andere docum

Are you a valued volunteer in team matchmaking?

Here you can find the vademecum to guide you through our team. ENG

And here are some materials that can be uses to support the sales:

  • OVO Powerpoint Presentation ENG
  • Sales portfolio
  • OVO folder (print)  ENG
  • OVO folder (digital) ENG
  • OVO advantages membership ENG 
  • Impact sheet 2023  ENG
  • OVO Acceleration Fund folder ENG
  • OVO Acceleration Fund presentation  ENG
  • yearly reports 
  • Folder recruitment volunteers for team Matchmaking ENG
  • OVO presentation video ENG

Documents like the sales funnel, you can find on the sharepoint

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