"Effortless, sustainable and affordable"

Solarly is one of the three winners of Sustainable Technology for Africa. Jean-Grégoire Orban de Xivry expends all his efforts on solar power in an effort to find an answer to the tremendous demand for electricity in Africa. For that purpose he developed a handy, budget-friendly power box.

“Two out of three Africans do not have electricity in their houses. In rural areas, that number skyrockets to 80 percent”, according to Jean-Grégoire. And those lucky enough to have electricity are paying an arm and a leg for it. It costs 150 times more to recharge a cellular phone in Sub-Saharan Africa than to do it in Europe. We want to change that.”
Thanks to power boxes that run on solar power, even remote areas can have access to electricity. "Effortless, sustainable and affordable. Solarly wants to promote economic growth and self-sufficiency on the African continent in this way.”

Detailed business plan

The panel praised this project. “It is a sustainable solution to a very real problem”, says Stijn Coenen, panel member and the person responsible for Entrepreneurship & Partnerships at Thomas More College. “Jean-Grégoire was also able to present a detailed business plan.” The start-up received a social loan and intensive coaching. “This award means so much to me”, said Jean-Grégoire. “Solarly has the opportunity to make a real difference.”
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Jean-Grégoire Orban de Xivry from Solarly. (Photo: Peter Mockers)