Sustainable Technology for Africa
OVO wants to support and promote sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa with the 'Sustainable Technology for Africa’ concept (SusTech4Africa). To that end OVO works with formidable organizations like the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), Thomas More College and The African Diaspora Projects Initiative. SusTech4Africa helps start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs with African roots to detail their project until it becomes a fully-fledged business plan.
After careful selection, 10 entrepreneurs attend a multi-day bootcamp and workshops on a sustainable approach, financials, marketing and presentation skills. They are coached by VITO experts, ex-business leaders and hands-on experts and economics students from Thomas More. The three winners are rewarded with start-up capital in the form of a social loan and also receive further in-depth coaching with the start-up or further expansion of their business.
“The success, enthusiasm and positive energy generated by this Sustainable Technology for Africa contest shows how important integrated cooperation is between Belgian and African entrepreneurs,” Björn Macauter, general manager at Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (OVO) explains. SusTech4Africa will then also become the basis for the projects that OVO will follow up on. It is the intention to arrange one or more events every year in Belgium or in those countries where OVO operates.