Students Charlotte, Ellen, Jasper and Cedric were junior coaches during the second Ugandan edition of SusTech4Africa; Lucie Somers assisted them and gave some sessions during the Boost Camp. (Photo: Elvis Ssemwogerere)
"An invaluable experience"
Since the start of SusTech4Africa, the Thomas More-hogeschool has been a regular presence at the events. The partnership between the two organisations did not happen by chance. "At the SusTech4Africa events, our students learn skills that they do not learn at school.

Thomas More has no fewer than 37 courses in which entrepreneurship is central. It is logical that the educational institution works together with Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. "During the SusTech4Africa competition, a number of Business & Entrepreneurship students each act as junior coaches", says Lucie Somers, coach Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship at Thomas More Kempen and one of the teachers of the Boost Camp.
"An invaluable experience. Students not only learn a lot from the African start-ups and scale-ups, but also from the senior coaches. From pitching to working with different profiles. Skills they don't learn at school."
Try-out for entrepreneurship

The cooperation with OVO does not come out of nowhere. "The SusTech4Africa events are first and foremost a kind of try-out for students and their field of study: do they see themselves setting up their own business or coaching entrepreneurs? In addition, we want to stimulate their entrepreneurship."
A successful mission, according to the testimonies of students. "A great experience, instructive sessions, inspiring entrepreneurs", is what some of the participants are enthusiastic about.
Expanding the partnership

The cooperation tastes like more. Lucie Somers: "Today the task of our junior coaches ends when the winners are known. In the future, I hope that our students will continue to support African entrepreneurs after SusTech4Africa, in order to strengthen the business concept and to exchange expertise.
"Moreover, I would be delighted if our students were to do an internship at these local companies. An intense experience, from which they learn even more. As you can see, the partnership between OVO and Thomas Moore has only just begun!