RENA Beverages wins the first prize of the 'Sustainable Technology for Africa' event in Kampala. Clinic Masters and Tukole UG came second and third respectively.

Sustainable Technology for Africa' - an event that OVO organises together with VITO and Thomas Moore - settled in the Ugandan capital for the second time. Twelve projects followed a three-day boost camp with workshops and sessions, with a pitch as the final piece. The international jury assessed each presentation on different criteria, from sustainability to the financial picture.
First prize for RENA Beverages

RENA Beverages was crowned the winner. The company already produces food based on hibiscus, a plant full of vitamins and antioxidants. The company provides training to local farmers to grow hibiscus correctly and a fair return for their harvest.

With a social loan, the SME wants to buy the necessary equipment so that it can also produce tea bags with hibiscus - an easily accessible product for the Ugandan population.
Also Clinic Masters and Tukole UG on stage

Second prize was awarded to Clinic Masters, which developed software for hospitals. The platform digitizes health information and medical invoicing, so that all patient data can be placed in one central file and doctors can quickly consult up-to-date information.

Tukole UG also won an award. The start-up brings skilled workers such as plumbers, painters and electricians into contact with individuals and organisations that need their services.

OVO will supervise these three projects in the coming months. In addition to coaching, they also receive a social loan.