First Edition of SusTech4Africa in Benin to kick off in February 2022

The first edition of the Sustainable Technology for Africa (SusTech4Africa) program in Benin will officially kick off in the first week of February 2022. Benin is the fourth (4th ) country, next to Uganda, Rwanda and Senegal; and also the 2nd country in West Africa that has been selected by OVO (ONDERNEMERS VOOR ONDERNEMERS also known as Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs) as a focus country to take on the SusTech4Africa program.

“The expansion into Benin is in line with OVO's ambition to facilitate investments of EUR 1 million annually from 2024 onwards, spread over some 30 sustainable African companies,” said Björn Macauter, General Manager of OVO.

The program will have 12 Benin companies participate in the 3-day boost-camp, the first activity of the SusTech4Africa program, and each team will be assigned two (2) coaches, one from Belgium and a local coach from the country. The coaches support the project team selected to participate in making great leaps forward during the three days.

The boost camp will then be followed by online one-on-one coaching for the next six months, to make the participants investment-ready. If OVO sees potential in the company, it will also facilitate an affordable loan for the company, which on average, 1 out of 3 companies is given this loan.

SusTech4Africa Benin is a co-organisation of OVO, the Brussels management school ICHEC, the Belgian NGO Louvain Coopération and the local organisation GEL Sud Bénin. The co-organisers can also count on the following partners for, inter alia and the sourcing of sustainable impactful projects: Join for Water, VIA Don Bosco, Enabel and Stichting Hubi & Vinciane.