Investment Readiness Program Kickstarting in Uganda

Published: 08/05/2023

Every year, we host the Sustainable Technology for Africa (SusTech4Africa) program across several African nations, including Uganda. This program invites African businesses to apply for a social loan from our organization, aiming to empower them in realizing their goals for social impact and environmental sustainability.


To ensure that Ugandan entrepreneurs are fully prepared for SusTech4Uganda, our esteemed local partner, Einstein Rising, and our East African branch, have developed an innovative program called the SE4Africa Investment Readiness Program.


Launching this week, the SE4Africa (Social Enterprise for Africa) Investment Readiness program offers tailored business development support to participating entrepreneurs, greatly enhancing their chances of securing vital investments. 


Brian Mangeni, the OVO East African Manager, expresses his unwavering optimism, stating, "We firmly believe that this program, running from May to September, will serve as a catalyst, enabling African entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable business growth and long-term viability."


This year's program has carefully selected 21 exceptional Ugandan enterprises to embark on a transformative 5-month journey. Sessions of the program will be held on a weekly basis, every Thursday and Friday, primarily through online platforms. 


These enterprises will receive invaluable guidance from seasoned Ugandan entrepreneurial trainers and dedicated OVO volunteers, who will cover crucial topics essential for business success. 


These topics include 

  • Business Model Conceptualization
  • Digitalization Processes
  • Legal Procedures
  • SDG Assessment
  • Financial Understanding and Management
  • Mastering the Art of Pitching and Strategizing Growth.


The overarching objective is to strategically position these enterprises for potential investment opportunities, ensuring their long-term success and impact in the marketplace.


To support the remarkable Ugandan businesses that have completed our SusTech4Uganda program, please visit: 

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