SusTech4Africa Rwanda 2023

Published: 24/01/2023

Circular Economy Pilot Project

The SusTech4Africa Rwanda Boostcamp 2023 is being conducted as part of the Circular Economy Pilot project in the construction sector in Rwanda, commissioned by ENABEL Rwanda and local partners. The project is being executed by VITO and OVO. This partnership aims to support the Government of Rwanda in the development of guidelines for circular economy approaches in the construction sector and to conduct incubation/coaching for implementation and improvement of these guidelines. OVO is in charge of the coaching trajectory as an accelerator and incubator program that will guide local companies to become more circular within the SusTech4Africa programme. The Boostcamp will feature 10-15 companies selected from among 75 companies under the Business development service (BDS) program performed by Business Professional Network Rwanda (BPN). The selected companies will be coached to integrate circular approaches in their operations. 



Local entrepreneurship is an engine for greater opportunity. Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs - OVO - strengthens sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa. We choose initiatives that have social and environmental impact. 40% of Africa's population lives in poverty. The local population itself has the potential to develop. Entrepreneurship is essential in this regard. It brings higher incomes and jobs, prospects and motivation, self-confidence, more and better education, new opportunities for families and communities. At OVO, we select, guide, finance and monitor African businesses and organizations to help them achieve their goals. We check every step of the process for quality. We work with an international network of partners and organizations that share the same goals. For each project, we look for Belgian entrepreneurs, companies and investors who offer knowledge and/or resources.


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OVO aims to support and promote sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa with the Sustainable Technology Accelerator Program for Africa (SusTech4Africa). SusTech4Africa helps startups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs with African roots to develop their project into a fullyfledged business plan. After a thorough selection process, 10 to 15 entrepreneurs participate in a multi-day Boostcamp with workshops on sustainable -sustainable approach, finance, marketing and presentation skills. They are coached by (former) entrepreneurs and practical -experts. After the Boostcamp, participants receive further coaching (up to 6 months) and qualify for a social loan.



Saturday 04/03

Flight to Kigali 

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 05/03,06/03 and 07/03

 Inspiration Tour with Program briefing, Cultural activities And visiting the participating companies 


Wednesday and Thursday 08/03 and 09/03 

Boostcamp with presentations of participating entrepreneurs And training of Rwandan and Belgian coaches 


Friday 10/03 

Boostcamp with training of Belgian and Rwandan coaches Pitching event in the evening 


Saturday 11/03

Debrief & Flight to Brussels


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OVO is still looking for some coaches who want to support local entrepreneurs during our Boostcamp in Rwanda.

Is this something for you? Don't hesitate and register via the link above.

Or contact for more info. 

Rwandan Afropreneur coached by OVO
OVO News
Rwandan Afropreneur coached by OVO
OVO's projects embody the same values as Umicore
OVO's projects embody the same values as Umicore
Change of OVO chairmanship
OVO News
Change of OVO chairmanship

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