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Published: 17/07/2023

Testimonial OVO internship 


"My incredible 3-month internship with OVO in Uganda has come to an end, and it has been an unforgettable journey of growth and discovery. From the moment I set foot in Uganda, I felt a sense of belonging. 

The warm weather, welcoming people, and the chance to immerse myself in the local culture made me feel right at home. During my internship, I had the opportunity to collaborate with one of OVO's partners, Einstein Rising, working towards optimizing their collaboration. The experience was truly rewarding, allowing me to gain hands-on practice and work independently while receiving invaluable guidance from my mentor, Stefanie. 


Each day brought something new and exciting. From conducting interviews and workshops to writing a comprehensive report, I embraced a diverse range of tasks, honing my skills in communication, both written and oral, and developing strong interpersonal abilities. But it wasn't just about the professional growth. 

Being exposed to a different culture challenged me to reevaluate my own perspectives. It was an enriching experience that broadened my horizons and gave me a fresh outlook on "management" as a Business Engineering and International management master’s student. 


This global perspective will undoubtedly shape my future. I am immensely grateful to OVO for providing me with this life-changing opportunity. For students looking for an internship in Africa, I highly recommend considering OVO. They truly empower their interns and nurture their talents. 

This internship has had a profound impact on me, and I am grateful to OVO for the doors it has opened and the valuable skills I have gained."

 Grace, 22 years-old, Louvain School of Management (Belgium)

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