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Published: 19/02/2024

Exciting Developments at Napas: Transforming Agri-Food Processing in Uganda

Project Information (detailed project sheet here)

  • Napas, a licensed agri-food company in Kikyusa, Luwero district, Uganda, has been making significant strides since its establishment in 2018. Led by the visionary female entrepreneur Annah Muzaaya Namuli, Napas has become a key player in the agri-food industry. With a factory in Kampala and a commitment to local sourcing, the company employs 34 dedicated individuals and collaborates with over 10 local farmers.
  • The flagship product, Snap Juice, crafted from locally grown mangoes and pineapples, has gained acclaim for its high quality. With plans for expansion and an enhanced product range, Napas aims to optimize distribution channels for their popular juice.
  • To meet the growing demand, Napas invested in machinery for fruit processing. However, the current rented facility in Kampala proved too small for accommodating new machines required for further growth. In a strategic move, in March 2023, Napas purchased a nearby plot of land through equity contribution and successfully completed the first phase of the new building.
  • Securing a loan of €30,000 from OVO on 14/07/2023, with a three-year repayment plan, Napas has been diligent in meeting its financial obligations, with the first repayments made on time.


Current Project Status: 

  • Much of the work is still carried out manually, and all machines are sourced and manufactured locally in Uganda. The company emphasizes the importance of this local approach, facilitating easier repairs and maintenance. The current process involves manual peeling, pressing, machine-assisted boiling, cooling, and final manual bottling, all executed with meticulous attention to hygiene standards.
  • The new factory, where the focus is on implementing automation to replace manual processes, is projected to generate a staggering production rate of 15,000 bottles per hour.
  • It's noteworthy that OVO's provision of a loan following the coaching period instilled confidence in another bank, leading them to grant Napas access to an additional loan for expanding their facility.
  • The transition to the new plant is a pivotal phase for Napas. The project is progressing smoothly, and preparations for the move are underway.
  • OVO is committed to maintaining a close follow-up to stay abreast of the developments as Napas moves towards this exciting new chapter in their journey.

Stay tuned for further updates on Napas' transformative project, as they continue to redefine agri-food processing in Uganda.

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