Guavay: impact investment

Published: 30/08/2023

After coaching Guavay to fine-tune its business development plan, OVO's investment committee decided to support the company by according an affordable loan combined with further coaching.

  • The business: Guavay helps small holders farmers to increase their yields by offering a range of organic blends for specific crops, with avocado being the primary focus. Using locally available organic materials blended with specific minerals, Guavay ensures stable and consistent nutritional content, benefiting soil quality and crop development.
  • Their strength? Combining the sale of organic fertilisers with training.

"In the next 5 years, we want to grow our fertiliser manufactory operations and we are doing this with very innovative technologies improving the sustainability of the soil making sure it is healthy to produce food. It’s something we believe, as a company, we have an obligation to use our knowledge and talents to make Tanzania and East-Africa food secure", says Mr. Ahad Katera, co-founder of the company in 2017.

OVO supports access to finance for advanced fertiliser blending equipment to scale production, ensuring consistent, high-quality organic fertilisers for farmers and promoting sustainable practices.


More info on the project here 

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