2023 SusTech4Africa in Uganda: A week of transformative collaboration

Published: 13/12/2023

Story by Felly Zake, local OVO coordinator in Uganda

"Late November marked the culmination of months of planning as Sustainable Technology for Africa (SusTech4Africa) program 2023 took center stage in Uganda. As the local coordinator, it was a gratifying experience witnessing the convergence of 9 carefully chosen Ugandan businesses, along with dedicated coaches, students, and volunteers from Belgium and Netherlands who traveled to our country to dedicate an entire week to nurturing Ugandan entrepreneurs.


The program, organized and spearheaded by OVO, aims to bolster impact-based businesses in a select number African countries by providing essential support in the form of social loans and, notably, knowledge transfer. 


Throughout the week, the commitment of business owners, their teams, coaches, and students stood out as they delved into understanding each business intricately. Collaboratively crafting viable pitch decks and, showcasing the collective dedication to the topics introduced during the program, and tasks given by the trainers Lucie, Jan, Matyas, and Raymond.


A standout addition was the inclusion of taking the coaches, volunteers, and students to the premises of the participating enterprises. This personal touch not only offered a deeper insight into the operations of the enterprise for the coaches, volunteers, and students but also fostered a more profound understanding of each business's unique workings. Even for the entrepreneurs unable to host visits, innovative methods like sharing videos, images, or introducing clients who use their products or services effectively conveyed the essence of their business.


Witnessing OVO's vision materialize annually during the Boostcamp period, strengthening sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa, remains an enriching experience. The impact lingers on, echoing the collaborative spirit and dedication of all involved in driving sustainable change in Uganda's and Africa's entrepreneurial landscape."

The journey to Uganda was transformative, inspiring me to embrace the power of innovation and the potential for even the smallest actions to create significant impact. It deepened my commitment to making a difference in the world and empowered me to continue on the path of growth, connection, and positive change.

Mara Heylen, Student Thomas More

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