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Entrepreneurship as a common thread

40% of people in Africa live in poverty.* Local people themselves have the potential to thrive. For this, entrepreneurship is essential. It provides higher income and employment, perspective and motivation, self-confidence, more and better targeted education, new opportunities for families and communities.


What does OVO do? 
At OVO, we support sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa. We choose initiatives with a social and environmental impact.


We select, guide, finance and monitor African companies and organizations to help them achieve their goals. We monitor the quality of every step in this process. We work with an international network of partners and organizations that share the same objectives.


For each project, we look for Belgian entrepreneurs, companies and investors who make knowledge and/or resources available.


*Source: 2018 World Bank survey

At OVO, we firmly believe in equality, which results in a win-win situation. African companies and organizations write their own success story. At the same time, Belgian companies and investors broaden their outlook, creativity and commitment. 


*Source: 2018 World Bank survey


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