G3SM opens 5 new technical training departments in vocational education

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Testimony of the Belgian OVO volunteer coach

The G3SM project is an investment in Senegalese youth. It is supported by a highly professional and experienced team.

The proposed training courses target business sectors with a high demand for qualified professionals and promoting gender equity.

The entreprise

G3SM is a non-subsidized private educational institution (S.P.R.L. or Private Limited Liability Company) whose objective is to fight against ignorance and poverty through education and training in order to equip students with the tools to sustainably face the social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges of our societies. 

G3SM is committed to improving the social and economic conditions of the population. 

The school, of which Mamadou Saliou DIALLO is the director, currently has 930 students and offers all sections from nursery to high school.

The business project

G3SM plans to expand its training offer by adding 5 new sections of qualifying technical training that will be the subject of a diploma recognized by the Senegalese state: cutting and sewing (3 years ), catering (2 years), computer science (3 years), electricity (2 years) and industrial electricity (3 years). 

In three years, the aim is to increase the number of students in the technical sections from 90 to 434 and to graduate more than 150 students each year. The team will grow from 3 to 28 employees (management, teachers and support services).


Testimony of Sokhana Samb, 1st grade high school

Why did you choose G3SM?
     I chose this school because we have the best teachers in the Pikine area. The 
     BAC (French High School diploma) results are very good, often with honors.

What do you think of the initiative to create technical sections?
     It's an excellent initiative and one that is much needed in Senegal. It will enable
     students to become entrepreneurs and will also reduce the unemployment rate.


Why OVO believes in this project

This non-subsidized private school has been run in a cost-effective and efficient manner for over 20 years. The team is well versed in the economic requirements of the sector. 
The training courses that G3SM plans to set up correspond to a need in the Senegalese job market and to a demand from students and their families, in a region where no comparable offer is available.
Beyond its relevance to the job market, youth training has many positive impacts on socio-economic integration, reduction of marginalisation and delinquency, empowerment of young girls, poverty reduction, access to basic services, etc ...

Requested investment

The total investment budget is 66,000 Euros (43,250,000 FCFA). 

OVO's request for funding is 42,500 Euro. G3SM brings the difference of 23,5000 Euro. 


Distribution of funding sources: 

Initially, a loan of €30,000 was granted by OVO, which financed the construction of new classrooms.   (see photos)

The remaining amount of €12,500 is now being sought for the purchase of didactic equipment needed due to the increase in the number of classes.                      


Financing by G3SM: rehabilitation of the existing premises which will be used for the technical sections, collective equipment (benches, boards) and equipment for the sewing and cutting section.  


Repayment to OVO will be at a rate of 7% per year, in quarterly installments, with a grace period of 15 months for the first fraction of the principal. 

  • Gender Equality
  • Talent management
  • Income generating
  • Education
  • Young people

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