Educational cooperation leads to effective improvements in practice

Every year, about 80 UCL students and 25 students from various universities in the South participate in the IngénieuxSud course. The UCL students come from all disciplines (bioengineering, agricultural and environmental sciences, engineering sciences, architecture and urban planning, etc.). The students from the South have a more diverse background and hail from the humanities and exact sciences and also technical fields. The students work closely together for a year to find a solution that is adapted to and adaptable by locals and addresses a specific issue. They also work in close collaboration with a local partner organization and are coached by various actors: a science team from UCL, a university or college in the developing country, experts from the business world and project managers from NGOs.
Already collected € 8.000
Searched budget € 8.000
Louvain CoopƩration
Afrika, Aziƫ, Zuid-Amerik
Project duration
2017 - 2018
Project code
Onderwijs & opleiding
Support Belgian students and students from the South in their quest to find innovative solutions


This course brings together engineering students from different parts of the world to together search for technological solutions to the various problems that exist in developing countries. In 2017-2018 about 20 groups will develop various projects in Benin, Madagascar, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Rwanda, Mali, Cambodia and South Africa.


For 2019: € 8,000 per group


The students get their first exposure to project management, and start with a real local problem, then formulate an innovative solution and ultimately effectively implement it on site. They develop valuable skills in the context of handling multiple challenges and they learn to work with limited resources.


- Scientific citizenship
- Adapted and adaptable technology
- Project management
- Intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange

More details on the specific student groups can be provided on request.