B2B Projects

Senegal - Walo Agri is boosting horticultural productivity in Senegal by using a pivot watering system.
A new approach in animal feeding and addressing the problem of mal nutrition and local availability of animal products in Rwanda Uruhimbi Kageyo Ltd 
CACANA Cooperative production of fish eggs and juvenile fishes
Senegal -Leukelé, providing and promoting solar-based solutions for people with limited power means in Senegal
Tanzania - Avomeru produces organic cold-pressed avocado oil yielded by Tanzanian village farmers
Uganda - SSEAL seeks to intoduce climate resilient soya breedings to farmer groups in order to provide value addition
Rwanda - UmuravaWork, provides easy access to digital services and top freelance talents in Rwanda
Senegal - ADID is an organization that ensures the collection, processing and sale of dairy products for farmers
Senegal - The organization BASIF supports the local food chain in the urban outskirts and rural areas of Senegal with a distribution project and a digital platform.
Rwanda - GreenPack Limited produces Eco-friendly non plastic packaging in Rwanda.
Measures Against Climate Change in Agriculture (MACCA) Project
Uganda- African Clean Energy (ACE), planning to build a household energy systems factory in Northern Uganda.
Rwanda - Magofarm Ltd, plans to construct insect derived protein farm facilities in East Africa