B2B Projects

Rwanda - GreenPack Limited produces Eco-friendly non plastic packaging in Rwanda.
Uganda- African Clean Energy (ACE), planning to build a household energy systems factory in Northern Uganda.
Uganda -Vertical and Micro -Gardening (VMG) a concept for urban gardening
Rwanda -Alonzo enables online medical consulation via app HelloMed
Senegal - Start-up ECO-TRI contributes to a zero waste Senegal through waste collection
Senegal - Ecological farm Faeda raises poultry and vegetables for the outskirts of Dakar
Cameroon - DESEC-OO: healthier solution for household fuel thanks to vegetable waste
Senegal - Maer facilitates access to solar installations through credits
AMWHTA promotes sustainable and profitable beekeeping with training programs
Uganda - T4T processes medical waste and helps contain Ebola outbreaks