B2B Projects

Tanzania - Avomeru produces organic cold-pressed avocado oil yielded by Tanzanian village farmers
Uganda - SSEAL seeks to intoduce climate resilient soya breedings to farmer groups in order to provide value addition
Rwanda - UmuravaWork, provides easy access to digital services and top freelance talents in Rwanda
Senegal - ADID is an organization that ensures the collection, processing and sale of dairy products for farmers
A new approach in animal feeding and addressing the problem of mal nutrition and local availability of animal products in Rwanda Uruhimbi Kageyo Ltd 
Senegal -Leukelé, providing and promoting solar-based solutions for people with limited power means in Senegal
Senegal - The organization BASIF supports the local food chain in the urban outskirts and rural areas of Senegal with a distribution project and a digital platform.
Rwanda - GreenPack Limited produces Eco-friendly non plastic packaging in Rwanda.
Measures Against Climate Change in Agriculture (MACCA) Project
Uganda- African Clean Energy (ACE), planning to build a household energy systems factory in Northern Uganda.
Rwanda - Magofarm Ltd, plans to construct insect derived protein farm facilities in East Africa
DR Congo La Congolaise Agricole (LCA) providing quality and affordable agricultural products & services in Kinshasa
Senegal - Smart Villages "Phase 2" provides electricity and water supply to meet the requirements for the economic development of a village community in Ndalla..