Partner in the spotlight: living wage for African coffee growers thanks to Miko

"I recommend every entrepreneur to join forces with OVO"

“We invest in sustainable business practices." Miko added this line to its mission more than 10 years ago. The results of this have exceeded the wildest expectations of the coffee roaster from Kempen. And Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs has also had a little something to do with this.

Miko’s launch of the Puro coffee brand in 2005 set the bar for fair trade. “Anyone who drinks Puro is part of a project that simultaneously protects the rainforest and creates better living and working conditions for farmers in the South”, explains CEO Frans Van Tilborg.

Support for Congolese coffee industry

The more Puro sells, the more help is given in the South. Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs plays a big role in this. Frans: “They have been looking for NGO projects that align with us for years. They found the perfect match in the Congodorpen NGO. Together we support local entrepreneurship in the coffee farming industry." 
"We do that by investing in coffee processing machines, establishing disease-resistant plantations, warehouses, and so on.
But also by investing in infrastructure and study material for schools in Congolese villages where coffee is grown”, he continues. With its South African project Trees4Schools, Puro encourages orphaned children to grow their own vegetables. This exposes them to doing business right from a young age.

No cowboys

“I truly admire the people who make an effort to support Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs every day, all on a voluntary basis. I would encourage all business people to join forces with them”, Frans continues. “They are all professionals with thorough knowledge of the business world and they take their job very seriously.” They maintain close contact with the various NGOs, look for donations, check that the funds end up in the right hands, go in search of and select suitable projects and more."
"For example, when the coffee farmers in Congo lost their crops to an aggressive fungus, we could immediately sponsor a science experiment to grow fungus-resistant plants."

“I have complete faith in the transparent approach of Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs."

"I also like to stay abreast of all other Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs initiatives. Their transparent approach, including when it comes to the financial data, leaves me with no doubt that things are running smoothly.”

Proud team

Frans is proud of the collaboration with Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs and he’s not shy to show it. Mikro proudly displays the logo on its packaging, machines and communications. “It is important to me that both customers and staff know what we do for people and the planet. In a nutshell, after more than 10 years of working together, I can proudly say that we hold Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs in high regard and hope to be able to continue doing so for decades to come.”
Louise Haspeslagh, Com&Co
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