Lotus Bakeries gives disadvantaged youth in DR Congo a future

Lotus Bakeries has supported various NGO projects through OVO for more than 10 years. "Both the guidance in the choice of initiatives and the transparent reporting make OVO a reliable partner," says William Du Pré, Corporate Director at Lotus Bakeries. 
"At Lotus we receive daily requests to support charities," says William Du Pré, Corporate Director at Lotus Bakeries. "Although we would be happy to respond to any request, we consciously choose to support a limited number of projects. In this way, we counteract the fragmentation of budgets and have a greater impact." 

Focus on education 

Lotus has been supporting projects at OVO for over 10 years. "They guide us in the selection of these initiatives. In the past, there was always a clear link with the food sector and, of course, supporting sustainable entrepreneurship."  

"Today we define our goal even more sharply: we want to focus specifically on quality education for children and young people. After all, it is the key to developing their talents and thus expanding their future opportunities." 

A future for disadvantaged young people 

For example, Lotus supports a project of Louvain Coopération in the Congolese region of Walungu. Unemployment is particularly high there. Even young people who have completed their training find it difficult to find a job.   

Louvain Coopération wants to support young Congolese in their vocational training on the one hand and strengthen the technical and entrepreneurial skills of their teachers on the other. The young people receive individual support in their search for a job. The teachers are trained by experienced partners. The focus is on agricultural schools and crafts, because the Walungu area remains primarily an agricultural area, and there are many opportunities in that sector. 


A total of 4 schools will receive intensive counselling, 150 teachers will receive extra training, 350 pupils will receive support, 50 vulnerable young people will receive an individualised pathway and 60 young people will receive support in developing their vocational or entrepreneurial activities. The families of all these young people also benefit from the better opportunities they are given. 

Lotus is committed to co-financing this project for the next five years. 

Long term 

In an ideal world, children would have access to quality education from an early age. "But that is not the case, especially in poorer countries," William Du Pré points out. "Adults can also use training to be better armed in society and stand up for their rights." 

"This is where we found the perfect match with the project 'A future for underprivileged young people thanks to personalised school and after-school support' that OVO proposed to us. A project that was started in Congo in the Walungu region. We have given our commitment for the next five years." 

The long term is a recurring element in Lotus' support. "We consider the long term necessary to give a project a good chance of success. This is also reflected in the impact that OVO's projects achieve. This - in combination with transparent reporting - strengthens our experience that OVO is a reliable partner." 

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