Sustainable Solutions with Lasting Impact: Technology for Tomorrow Strengthens Healthcare with OVO Support

Published: 29/06/2024

Technology for Tomorrow (T4T) is dedicated to providing environmentally sustainable technologies in Uganda, that meet everyday needs. The company uses local materials and expertise to create solutions such as incinerators for healthcare waste management, biodegradable sanitary pads (MakaPads), water storage tanks (MazziGo tanks), and efficient cookstoves. T4T's mission is to offer sustainable technologies to enhance the environment, aligning with its vision of a world where technology betters the environment.


Last year, Technology for Tomorrow received a loan of 25,000 Euros from OVO after participating in the Ugandan edition of the Sustainable Technology for Africa (SusTech4Africa) boostcamp. The repayment plan was set for 1 year. Due to a general economic slowdown in the country following the COVID-19 pandemic, the term was extended and the company has been able to refund more than 75% of the loan.


Status of the project


According to Paul Kimera, Managing Director of Technology for Tomorrow (T4T), strategic use of OVO's funding allowed T4T to purchase significant quantities of stainless steel, enabling the timely installation of multiple incinerators in healthcare facilities. Despite currency fluctuations, the funding effectively covered all project expenses, ensuring on-time delivery with all necessary materials.


T4T further optimized their inventory management by holding stock for 18 months, resulting in a 25% cost saving on steel, which had surged in price from 600,000 to 750,000 Ugandan shillings per unit.


Kimera also applauded OVO's flexible approach, highlighting the ease of the loan application process.


"OVO has proven to be a flexible, patient, and reliable partner, revising the loan term and period to our benefit and supporting our company's growth. Moving forward, we hope to continue our partnership with OVO and work together to create lasting impacts in our community."


Project Goals and Impact

Technology for Tomorrow (T4T) prioritizes improving healthcare waste management. They achieve this by installing incinerators in hospitals and health facilities. This not only enhances safety for patients and staff but also eliminates unsafe practices like open burning and dumping of hazardous medical waste, including sharps. This initiative aligns perfectly with T4T's broader mission of providing environmentally sustainable solutions.


Contribution to SDGs

T4T's work directly contributes to two UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their focus on safe waste disposal aligns with SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being) by reducing healthcare-associated illnesses. Additionally, their promotion of environmentally sound practices contributes to SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities).


Support and Collaboration with OVO

Technology for Tomorrow (T4T) deeply values the comprehensive support they've received from OVO. This partnership has extended far beyond just financial assistance.


"OVO coaches provided vital mentoring," said Kimera, "discussions with them helped us to identify an opportunity to provide servicing and monitoring of incinerators in the country as another business opportunity beyond just capital-intensive installations."


T4T's significant progress over the past year is a direct result of strategic investments and strong support from OVO. The installation of incinerators, coupled with comprehensive waste management training, has demonstrably improved healthcare safety within the community. 


T4T's unwavering commitment to sustainable technologies and their proactive approach position them for continued growth and success.

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