Matunda Ventures wants to create a revolution in the fruit sector (photo Elvis Ssemgowerere)
The project of Matunda Ventures is financed with the support of OVO. The social business start-up wants to use the production of fruit snacks to expand the socio-economic opportunities of farmers and young people in the Teso region, known as the fruit basket of Uganda. Matunda Ventures was one of those selected during OVO's Sustainable Technology for Africa event in Kampala. 

Matunda Ventures wants to create a revolution in the fruit sector. It wants to achieve this by processing a wide range of fruit and grains into healthy snacks. The first phase involves dried mango and pineapple, which will be expanded later on. The snacks are marketed under the 'Ejijim' brand name in luxury packaging.  Matunda Ventures is targeting the average health-conscious consumer. This concerns the tourism sector and the young emerging middle class generation via coffee shops, coworkingspaces or other meeting places. A third channel is the creation of an online webshop and sales in supermarkets. 

Matunda Ventures was looking for a social loan of 20,000 euros and received it from Matthieu Boone with the support of OVO. More about Matunda Ventures