Uganda - SSEAL seeks to intoduce climate resilient soya breedings to farmer groups in order to provide value addition

Already collected € 37.000
Searched budget € 37.000
ST4A Uganda 2021
Agriculture & Food Industry
Repayment period
1 year

The company 

SOYA SOLUTIONS EASTERN AFRICA LIMITED, also known as SSEAL is a social enterprise founded in 2017 by Henry Kizito–Musoke, an accomplished development worker with extensive experience in agricultural development.  

The business features profitable, broad based soybean seed and grain production in conjunction with small holder farmers. SSEAL’s current main focus and area of expertise is soyabean processing for food, feed and more, smallholder farmers production capacity development programs, and community soybean seed production. 


The business project 

Since then the company has restructured, it has much more focus on; introducing new soya breedings (developped by Makerere University) to the SHF groups including demonstration fields and training of local leaders. The new breedings have a better performance under Uganda/EA conditions and should be more climate resilient. They are equally focusing on developing local market sales. 

SSEAL is now – in close cooperation with a number of local social organisations, government and the Dutch social organisation –  ready to introduce the new breeding’s to the farmers. 

Once seed production (of the new breedings) has been established, farmers will be organised in farmer groups (with focus on GAP) and production will scale up, making the company is ready for the next step, which is, setting up a warehouse for the handling, processing and packing of the product. By 2023 the volumes will have significantly increased to justify the next step. 


Why OVO believes in this project 

The company has now found a clear way forward with focus on growing volumes and value addition in the future. The project can have a very positive impact on organising a sustainable, future orientated, Uganda based soya production with focus on value addition and in long run export opportunities to the neighbour countries. 


Requested investment 

SSEAL is requesting OvO a loan of €53,000, which basically is a crop financement loan; allowing to buy the seeds for the farmers , covering the production period and the delay of payment of the buyers.  


  • value addition 

  • climate resilient 

  • future oriented 

  • sustainable 

​SDG 1,2,8,10,15,16