Uganda- Trautbuck Engery is committed to renewable energy in Uganda

Trautbuck Energy is a social enterprise based in Kitala Katabi, Uganda. Trautbuck Energy was founded by two partners who are particularly passionate about waste and environmental management, as Uganda's future depends on it. The company focuses on the need for renewable energy sources in Uganda.
Already collected € 20.000
Searched budget € 20.000
You can donate online via the OVO Acceleration Fund (with tax certificate from 40 euro). Would you like to invest directly? Please contact  
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Kampala, Oeganda
Recyclage & Circulaire economie
Passionate about renewable energy

The business project


Starting from a current business in design & placement of biogas installation, the Trautbuck team now wants to address another urgent need: reducing deforestation by supporting the shift from cooking over wood or charcoal to cooking on briquettes made from organic waste streams. Trautbuck has designed a versatile and mobile briquette machine with a high production capacity. The company aims to deliver devices to new settlements and refugee camps, where organic waste streams are available. The NGO’s supporting and organizing life in the refugee settlements are an important partner in Trautbuck’s road to market for the briquette making devices. 

Why OVO believes in this project 


The interest in renewable energy sources in Uganda has been particularly compelled by the increasing magnitude of waste generation and concentrations of confined animal feeding operations in the (pre-) urban areas.

There is a growing concern over the potential impact on environmental quality and socio-economic consequences caused by the generated wastes. The vision of Trautbuck Energy is provide affordable renewable energy alternatives to improve lives, to capture 20% of the renewable energy market in Uganda, to achieve growth and expansion by 5% annually, to become leading producers of durable and long lasting Briquette making machine in all different size and, to be another source of employment for the community especially youth in the career of welding. 

Investment sought 

Investing in Trautbuck Energy will enable the company to diversify its product range for impact on the environment. They aim for a loan of 20.000 euro for a period of 2,5 years.  


Trautbuck Energy is passionate about renewable energy and environmental management and want to become a leading producer of durable and long lasting briquette machines

Photo Elvis Ssemwogerere