Suzy Farms fights against climate change through diversification of agricultural activities

Suzy Farms Ltd was founded in 2014 as ‘The Forgotten Green Heroes’, a project by environmental activist Dr. Nvenakeng Suzanne Awung, who set the company up following an extensive study of living conditions in and around the Molyko Buea region in southwestern Cameroon. The business aims to prepare the population for far-reaching climate change and to mitigate food insecurity and poverty. Thanks to diverse economic farming activities it ensures higher incomes for the local communities.  

You can donate online via the OVO Acceleration Fund (with tax certificate from 40 euro). Would you like to invest directly? Please contact  
Kameroen (in en rond het Mount Cameroon National Park)
Project duration
2018 - 2023
Higher income for the population at large

The business project

The business plan is very realistically structured, in part thanks to the prior pilot project that has been running since 2014. Besides cultivating various kinds of fruit, Suzy Farms also provides support for the local farmers so that they can count on increased yields and are better able to market their produce. The business likewise focuses on keeping poultry and pigs. The activities also include breeding various species of fish.    



Why OVO believes in this project

The project has the potential for a large local multiplier effect with a strong socio-economic impact on employment and higher revenues for the local farming communities and distributors. It also ensures more food security, meaning that, in part thanks to higher incomes, the community in question gains access to the higher segment of the Maslov pyramid as well as access to education and the establishment of a resilient social network. What’s more, there is a major focus on diversification as a response to climate change.  

Investment sought

Initially €60,000 is being sought. €15,000 of this has already been collected via the OVO consultant channel. The need for further funding is above all motivated by the limited accommodation of the current facilities, meaning that among other things animals have to be sold sooner than expected. 


The initiative is backed by a small but apt management team. Nvenakeng Suzanne Awung is the right person to realize the potential of this project locally, regionally and internationally.