Rwanda - UmuravaWork, provides easy access to digital services and top freelance talents in Rwanda

Already collected € 5.500
Searched budget € 5.500
ST4A Rwanda 2021
Kigali, Rwanda
Dienstverlening & Informatica
Repayment period
2 years

The company

UmuravaWork is a One-Stop Pan-African Freelance Services & Top Talents Platform that enables businesses and individuals to easily access digital services and top vetted freelance talents from Africa.
The company is also building the Ed-Tech Solutions for technology, soft skills, and emerging skills development that prepares the African Talents for the future of work and who are competitive both at local and global markets. Their EdTech solutions are based on experiential based learning, projectbased learning and case studies.

The business project

UmuravaWork has created diversified and innovative solutions that work for the African continent and other global markets in the fields of freelancing, outsourcing, remote working, associates consulting and talent acquisitions. UmuravaWork has Core Solutions and Customized Solutions, being launched step by step. UmuravaWork has an open and diversified target market, so, they took the decision to customize and diversify in order to satisfy all clients' niche successfully.
Clients are quoted based on scope of work to deliver. A commission fee of 25-40% is retained on projects done by UmuravaWork-freelancers, and they make money through the sales revenues model on services offered by their freelancers and equipment in place.

Why OVO believes in this project

UmuravaWork is a Win-Win Solution for both businesses and talents as they are empowering the performance and growth of the businesses while also creating new models of employment for young African talents in Africa.

Requested investment

The company is requesting for a loan of EUR 5,500 facilitated by OVO to invest in acquiring remaining equipment to use to deliver other freelancing services. The equipment includes technology equipment, photography & video equipment, research equipment, transcriptions equipment,among others.


  • Digitally innovative
  • Empowering employment
  • Freelance services
  • Skills selecting
  • Local & global market


SDG : 1,8,9,16,17