Adapt+ produces stoves for the 'fuel of the future'

Adapt+ believes in ethanol, a derivative of the sugar industry, as the 'fuel of the future'. To this end, it has created special 'stoves' which, due to the high import taxes, are a third to a half cheaper than the solutions introduced. 
Already collected € 5.000
Searched budget € 10.000
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Kampala, Oeganda
Project duration
2019 - 2022
The business project 
Adapt+, a project by CEO David Nkwanga, has been focusing on energy applications for families for the past five years. Because wood and charcoal solutions are not only scarce but also expensive (and are also harmful to the environment and forest fauna), Adapt+ has focused on ethanol as a 'fuel for the future'. For this purpose, it has created special 'stoves' which, due to the high import taxes, are a third to a half cheaper than the foreign solutions introduced. 
Why OVO believes in this project  
Ethanol is a by-product of the sugar industry and is therefore a sustainable renewable energy product. Thanks to the locally produced stoves, this energy source can be used on a large scale by a broad population. With this solution, Adapt+ also wants to bring climate awareness with a social approach thanks to greater food health, better education and care.   
Required investment 
Adapt+ is looking forward to a loan of 20,000 euros (at 7% interest) with a repayment spread over two years, of which 5,000 euros after the first year and 15,000 after year 2. This concerns 7,900 euros for the production machines, 1,700 euros for the assembly and 9,400 euros working capital. Adapt+ intends to market 6,000 stoves and some 420,000 litres of ethanol in the first 12 months. After 2 years, it wants to break even. 
Adapt+ is a good example of how, thanks to innovative energy solutions, African entrepreneurs can create a socially better context that not only helps the local population with cheaper products, but also ensures greater climate awareness and better health care

Video with ceo David Nkwanga  - photo Elvis Ssemwogerere