Unique training programme for employees

🌍 Unlocking Change: OVO's Unique Training Program for Employees 🌟

At OVO, we're convinced about harnessing the power of entrepreneurship for positive change in the realms of environment, economy, and society.


🌿 Introducing SusTech4Africa: Our Sustainable Technology for Africa program empowers African entrepreneurs in Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, and Benin. 

Through training and support from academic partners and OVO's coaches, these entrepreneurs undertake a journey to make a real sustainable impact.


🔝 Talent4Growth: We've also developed Talent4Growth, an exclusive employee training initiative for high potentials that perfectly complements SusTech4Africa. This program focuses on developing the interpersonal skills of young talents, transforming them into changemakers who create a lasting impact within their companies.

📌 What's in it for Your Employees?

  • A 6-month immersive learning experience tailored for young talents.
  • Intercultural communication workshop.
  • A one-week immersion in an entrepreneurial context in one of our focus countries, accompanied by experienced OVO coaches
  • Ongoing coaching before, during, and after the Africa Inspiration Tour, provided by our partner Engage4
  • Opportunity to work closely with African entrepreneurs, honing skills like self-reflection, communication, leadership, creativity, and problem-solving
  • An incentive to inspire others: sharing experience with management and colleagues


🏢 What's in it for Your Company?

  • Intake meeting with the employee and his manager to determine the personal goal
  • Communicative and creative leadership development
  • Showcase your unwavering confidence in your employees by investing in their personal development
  • Attract emerging talent
  • Foster growth and innovation within your company.
  • Contribute positively to the global community, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Inspire others to follow your path towards responsible corporate citizenship.


Join us on this extraordinary journey of transformation, innovation, and impact. Together, we can drive change, empower individuals, and make the world a better place. 🌎💪


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We'd love to schedule a meeting with you, and you don't have to commit to anything. During the meeting, we can share more information and talk about what you're hoping for. 

So do not hesitate to contact karen.peersman@ovo.be for this.


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