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  • We are urgently looking for volunteers who want to help spread our story enthusiastically. Cooperation and the search for a Win-Win are central to this.
  • Do you like going on the road with us, do you like doing research, or would you rather cooperate in preparing files for sponsors, we would love to include you in our team!
  • Experience is not a requirement, enthusiasm is.

‘Discover and develop with ease your hidden talents as volunteer at OVO’.

Would you like to go on a day trip with one of the many volunteers? Then continue reading!

I can look back on an interesting study path and professional career. Tons of experiences and worldly wisdoms I can use in my volunteer work at OVO. Running a business always fascinated me, but I never had my own company. An immersion trip to Uganda convinced me to support this beautiful initiative, together with many volunteers. Guiding an agricultural entrepreneur in Senegal together with one of our volunteer-lead screeners so he can realize his ambitions, from a distance putting myself into this entrepreneur’s shoes, understanding what his world is, who his customers, competitors and colleagues are, what his strengths, opportunities and risks are, how to handle these and which investments are needed, then looking for investors, e.g. through my own professional network. That’s a concrete case! This costs money … Therefore we continuously confer with entrepreneurs as well as with people from our own networks to make them understand OVO’s accomplishments, making a difference always being key. To pass the ‘corporate social responsibility test’, we convince entrepreneurs to invest in OVO projects, as a gift or as a loan, but always very concrete, sustainable and social in the environment of our target group.

Together with ngo’s selflessly and continuously enthuse colleagues, sponsors and investors for every project, with a carefully and laboriously achieved results … That’s why I do it!

Frans Dieryck

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