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«Your commitment is our strength”

OVO wouldn’t be OVO without its volunteers. As a fast-growing organization, we’re always on the lookout for inspired contributors who want to share their knowledge and experience.

Our approach:

  • OVO’s SusTech4Africa program supports African SMEs in business development through personalized one-to-one coaching and access to loans of up to €50,000.
  • Together with our local partners, we select candidates according to precise criteria for coaching and investment.
  • They are then invited to attend a 3-day Boostcamp in their home country, during which training is provided by our academic partners (ICHEC and Thomas More).
  • This is followed by 6 months of online coaching with a Belgian business coach and a local coach.
  • Once the business plan is ready, it is submitted to the OVO Investment Committee, which decides whether to grant an affordable loan.
  • The entrepreneur is supported in the development of their business until the repayment of the loan.

You can play a part in this process!

➜  By taking part in one of our Boostcamps in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, or Benin). An experience that will make all the difference for the African entrepreneur but will be just as fascinating and enriching for you!
  • Entrepreneur visit: immersion in the local business context.
  • Co-coaching of an African entrepreneur during the 3-day training course.
  • Cultural immersion: sightseeing, eco-tourism.
  • You play the role of coach and help the entrepreneur analyze their business plan and pitch it at the final evening event.
➜  By being a business coach via distance coaching.

Would you like to share your experience and expertise with African entrepreneurs? We are looking for experience experts to evaluate and monitor projects.

What skills do you need to be a business coach? Listening and encouraging!

The best thing about working with us?

  • With 15 other people, you can take part in a unique trip to Africa (as an OVO volunteer you can take part at a reduced rate)
  • You’ll be part of a network of over 90 volunteers from all backgrounds and professional fields.
  • Benefit from training courses, workshops, and conferences.
  • You’ll receive professional support from a small core of permanent staff and experts. • You are part of a community committed to a fairer world.


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More info

I am the managing director of an insurance company in Belgium. Being a coach is above all about getting to know the entrepreneur who applies to OVO for growth and financing. It’s a very enriching experience, very nice contacts. It’s amazing to have such a deep relationship because we really get into the privacy of the entrepreneur’s life. I coach two different Senegalese entrepreneurs. Contacts are mainly made through Teams and Whatsapp. I particularly value the human interaction and brainstorming. For example, I’m not a farmer, I am not a livestock farmer. I have to take an interest, put myself in the shoes of a local entrepreneur who does not have the same codes. So you can learn a lot through these interactions. It just needs a bit of structure but OVO is there to provide the context. There are plenty of people to answer your questions. A whole range of help and tools are indeed provided. OVO is a good way to get a jump on North-South relations. With a whole series of contacts. Anyone can do it!

Christophe Degauquier

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