OVO has a unique position as the link for influential cooperation between Belgian companies and entrepreneurs on the one hand, and local projects and businesses in low and middle-income countries on the other. OVO believes that entrepreneurs can make a difference and offers an exceptional route for the business world to take. Thanks to OVO, they can be part of global cooperation projects between entrepreneurs. This fits in with the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ mantra. 

Sharing expertise

Sustainability, innovation and social impact are important pillars for OVO. Sharing expertise and knowledge strengthens projects and businesses, which in turn leads to more prosperity and job opportunities. Financing options give these initiatives more clout. The OVO Acceleration Fund was established for this reason. OVO wants to continue growing as a center of expertise and to actively contribute to sustainable economic development in low and middle-income countries. The ‘Sustainable Technology for Africa’ competition encourages start-ups and scale-ups to grow their projects and market them better.
OVO wants an even bigger footprint, wants to attract innovative projects, expand financing options and share as much expertise as possible. Entrepreneurs really do make a difference.