Voka and OVO want to tighten cooperation

First mission: climbing the Stelvio

Voka, the Flemish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, wants to strengthen ties with Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs and is also calling on entrepreneurs to support OVO.

A first step is the Voka expedition that will head out to climb the mythical mountain Stelvio in the Dolomites at the end of September. About 30 top Flemish business people are going to face the challenge to put the spotlight on the work OVO does. All funds generated from this event will be donated to the newly minted OVO Acceleration Fund.

Encouraging entrepreneurship

OVO is extremely pleased with this joint effort. Luc Bonte, chairperson: “The collaboration with Voka is incredibly important to OVO. Together we can only give entrepreneurship in Africa a boost.”
Hans Maertens, managing director at Voka: “We have great admiration for the work OVO does. Not only do their projects bring entrepreneurship to Africa, the organization is also successful in putting the challenges faced by the South firmly on the agenda of Flemish companies. The new Acceleration Fund deserves all the support it can get, because it will enable medium-sized projects to grow and expand too.”