UNIZO members get acquainted with mama 'Mama Hibiscus'

As a laureate of the Ugandan SusTech4Africa campaign 2019, the start-up Rena Beverages is no longer unknown in OVO circles. But also the members of UNIZO were recently introduced to 'Mama Hibiscus'.  

The ZO Magazine is not 'just' the UNIZO member’s magazine, but a trade magazine for independent entrepreneurs, SME entrepreneurs and independent professionals. In the November edition Rena Beverages featured on a double page ( please note that the linked pages of the magazine are in Dutch).  



The story of Rena Beverages 

Regina Nantege of Rena Beverages - which produces hibiscus tea and other health drinks - testified earlier about the difficult road to financing a start-up company. "You often have to know rich people to borrow money. As a beginner, you don't have a lot of your own resources and it is hard to prove that the investment will pay off. Our first loans were small amounts for which we ourselves contributed 50 percent of our own capital. Now that we have been around for eight years and continue to grow, it starts to get easier as we are able to prove some achievement." 

As the winner of the Ugandan SusTech4Africa campaign 2019, Rena Beverages was eligible for a social loan and the organisation will also receive coaching and support. "I used to think that everyone would want to buy our products. Through OVO I learned to segment the market and see where our company positions itself in the market. Now I am no longer solely passionate and enthusiastic, but also attentive."