SusTech4Africa: the concept

Here’s what you need to know about this unique competition

Have an idea for a social project in Africa, or for a sustainable product? Want to flesh it out in more detail but don’t know where to start? SusTech4Africa helps businesses, (aspiring) entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers with an African background to build their idea into a proper business plan and provides the tools to carry on from there. What is more, as winner you will also receive start-up capital in the form of a social loan.


How do we do it?

You will be invited to present your submitted project during the selection days at the beginning of March. A panel of experts will then select the 10 most promising projects. If your project makes the selection, you can get going! During a period of 6 weeks you will work more on your business plan and hone your pitch. You will be assisted by experts who will give you the necessary tips and tricks. At the end of the journey you will have the opportunity to pitch your project in front of an audience of potential investors. The prizewinners of this competition return home with start-up capital in the form of a social loan.

What are we looking for?

To be eligible to participate in the Sustainable Technology for Africa competition, your project must meet a number of conditions:
  • The business idea must incorporate the use of sustainable technology, or contribute to a transition to a more sustainable society or economy
  • The economic activity will have a positive ecological, societal or financial impact within 3 to 5 years
  • The location of the (proposed) economic activity is in Africa, and
  • The required investment in the business is less than EUR 50,000.

Who can enter?

  • Members of the African Diaspora who are registered in Belgium
  • An individual or a legal entity established after January 1, 2013, and
  • Have invested at least 25% of the capital (or intend doing so).