OVO conference 2021


Your health and safety is our highest priority and we will do everything possible to ensure that our event is conducted in optimal safety conditions.
Our security teams will ensure that all regulatory and necessary measures are in place for your protection.
Therefore, in order to participate in the event, we will ask you upon arrival, to present a COVID certificate.
This is your EU COVID certificate which is available in the CovidsafeBE app and allows you to prove that:
- you were fully vaccinated
- you had a negative PCR test of up to 48 hours old or a negative antigen test of maximum 24 hours old
- you are in possession of a recover certificate, if you have recovered for at least 11 days after a positive PCR test. This certificate is valid for 180 days counting from the time the test was taken
- you have a digital EU-COVID certificate issued by any other European Union country if you live abroad.
We thank you for your understanding of these exceptional measures, which will ensure that everyone can enjoy this event in a relaxed manner.