Review of the first OVO Business Club Africa

Mutual exchange of knowledge and know-how is central

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (OVO) can look back on a successful first edition of the OVO Business Club Africa. The more than 100 attendees could really enjoy the pitches of the 10 African entrepreneurs - supported by OVO. This event took place on Monday 9th March 2020 at Roularta Media Group in Zellik.

These African entrepreneurs spent a few days in Belgium as part of the 'Circular Coaching Programme'. In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), entrepreneurs around the world will have to join forces to tackle global challenges. Mutual exchange of knowledge and know-how is central to this.

Focus on sustainability

With the 'Circular Coaching Programme' UHasselt, VITO and OVO are taking a first step together to facilitate this exchange and to promote sustainable entrepreneurship. Sustainable African start-ups and scale-ups followed a programme with a focus on circular economy and sustainability. Interaction with Belgian entrepreneurs and coaches from various backgrounds ensures the exchange of knowledge and experience in different directions.

The OVO Business Club Africa aims at the same. By bringing together African and Belgian entrepreneurs and investors, OVO stimulates creativity and innovation among all parties involved. In this way African entrepreneurs inspire Belgian companies and entrepreneurs with their innovative power. After all, they master the creation of more prosperity with less input and tackling societal challenges.

Stimulating impactful growth

OVO organizes every quarter a 'boostcamp' that reinforces the business ideas of selected African entrepreneurs and their experiences. The host countries so far are Rwanda, Uganda, Senegal and Belgium (for the African diaspora). After the 3-day boostcamp the cooperation will continue remotely. The Belgian OVO experts then work together with these entrepreneurs to optimize the business model and develop an ambitious but feasible business plan with a solid financial plan. It takes an average of six months to get the project ready for investment. After the investment, dedicated OVO experts further monitor and regularly monitor the growth of the company. This is how we work together to achieve mutual success!

The following African entrepreneurs were happy to share their business model with the attendees:

  1. BAG Innovation (Rwanda): Digital platform that connects academia and industry  
  2. Netot Lab (Rwanda): Smart Gas Manager  
  3. Crop Tech (Rwanda): Solar energy 'drying services' for corn farmers 
  4. Rena Beverages  (Uganda): hibiscus-based drinks  
  5. Clinic Master (Uganda): Digital tools to optimize the management of hospitals 
  6. Tukole UG (Uganda): online marketplace for companies and services  
  7. Akaboxi  (Uganda): Digital financial inclusion  
  8. Trautbuck Energy (Uganda): Biofuel machines and training  
  9. Innovex  (Uganda): Monitoring of solar panels 
  10. EA Fruits (Tanzania): Professional approach to fruit and vegetable growing and distribution

OVO mainly consists of Belgian business leaders and Business Angels who selflessly give their time and resources to help African entrepreneurs to start up and grow their local businesses in their country. 

If you are interested in one or more projects and would like to become a Social Business Angel or make your expertise available, please let us know via If this is not for you but you still want to support them, you can always make a contribution to the OVO Acceleration fund on account number BE10 0000 0000 0404 with the structured code ***018/0530/00002*** Any donation is welcome.

Text: Laura Verbeken