EA Fruits Farm wins biannual Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs trophy

EA Fruits Farm has achieved good revenue growth in recent years. (Photo: Peter Mockers)
Professional approach to fruit and vegetable farming and distribution

The Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Award was given to EA Fruits Farm in Tanzania at the OVO conference in Brussels. The panel acknowledged EA Fruits as the best project out of the 3 nominees ‘because the concept is easy to duplicate and can contribute to the sustainability of the local economy’. The award was made at the conference on ‘Migration, today and tomorrow: Does increased entrepreneurship in the South imply less migration?’

EA Fruits Farm in Tanzania is a perfect example of a thoroughly professional approach to fruit and vegetable farming and distribution. Harvesting, cold storage, transport and selling of the crops are largely managed along international standards. This firmly reduces production losses and in particular the post-harvest losses as well. Not only does that ensure a better and more stable income for the local fruit and vegetable farmers, but it also has a major impact on local prosperity and job opportunities.


The company, that has been able to boost its sales over the past few years, coached the partners in the network by sharing knowledge under the motto: ‘Happy farmers produce high quality, healthy products’. EA Fruits Farm supplies supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, and has plans to set up its own direct outlets to end users. That means the local people will also have more access to healthy fruit and vegetables.
Three businesses were nominated for the award. In addition to EA Fruits Farm, the other contenders were Sugruvi in the Philippines and Atelier Cadeau de Dieu in Haiti.