This is how it works

In addition to supporting the NGOs, you can also help entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries directly by offering money and expertise. That is the B2B path. You make it possible for a business to start up or expand into a proper enterprise.

OVO wants to channel the drive these entrepreneurs have. This offers more assistance in the South and ensures that business projects kick off on the right foot. The ultimate goal is sustainable economic growth in the form of business-focused projects, in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.

Three formulas


You invest money

In this case your financial support is in the form of a participation in the business capital or a cash loan. The terms and conditions of this are set out in an investment contract. OVO plays a facilitating and advisory role here, and verifies the social character of the investment.
It is also possible to establish an export-import model between the parties.

You invest expertise

Share your know-how and expertise. Discover the thrill of exchanging knowledge and experience with these countries. An unforgettable experience indeed. Here too OVO adopts a facilitating and advisory role.
This can of course be combined with a financial investment.

You invest in the OVO Acceleration Fund

OVO created a fund, the OVO Acceleration Fund, which they use to offer cash loans. This fund can be augmented with donations for which a tax certificate can be issued for amounts of €40 or more. Once the loan has been repaid, the amount is added to the fund again and is available for new projects. That means each donation actually creates a lever effect and allows OVO to make an ongoing impact.

What services does OVO provide?

  • OVO selects an appropriate economic project that has high social impact value, thoroughly screens it, and puts it forward as an option to investors after it has been approved.
  • OVO facilitates the initial contact between the investor and project owner, after which the investor decides, fully autonomously, if and how he or she wants to engage with the project owner.
  • OVO guides the investor in setting up the investment agreement.
  • OVO continues to monitor the project through one of its project managers.
  • OVO is available to provide ad hoc services.
These services are available free of charge to the investor, except for specific projects.