Is your company cooperating with OVO?
Thanks to our network of companies you will meet business leaders who have a soft spot for entrepreneurship in low- and middle-income countries, both from major multinationals and from smaller enterprises. Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs regularly organizes meetings and activities where you can share experiences and make useful contacts with business people who, like you, are interested in a bit more than just making money.

You can
  • make useful contacts
  • share experiences
  • attend an activity, which includes national events and discussion evenings
  • host an event yourself
As a business person, HR or communications manager you place a high premium on motivated and engaged stakeholders. As an Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs partner you are interested in sharing your ongoing engagement with them. They will know which sustainable projects you invest in and they can possibly make their own contribution as well. We also help business leaders transform their CSR policy into tangible involvement in a high-quality and concrete manner.

Choose from a range of activities that will draw in your staff, customers and suppliers to your involvement and your company.
It gives businesses and business people a positive image. After all, the majority of them are dynamic people with a big heart. Showing that polishes your image. Opt for visible social engagement and become part of the unique network of driven companies and business people who lend entrepreneurs in the South a helping hand.
  • We offer you a wide range of communication options
  • Showcase your company’s positive image in our newsletter
  • Associate your company with CSR and add your logo to one of our advertisements
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