Sustainable Technology for Africa in Belgium
Sustainable Technology for Africa in Belgium
On 19 March 2020, OVO will again organise the Sustainable Technology for Africa event in Belgium, in collaboration with the African Diaspora Projects Initiative, VITO and Thomas More. Projects can be submitted until 31 January. 

The SusTech4Africa event at the university of Hasselt wants to show projects by African entrepreneurs and start-ups who reside in Belgium but want to start up or scale up their business in their country of origin (or elsewhere in Africa). The projects are therefore being initiated by the African Diaspora Projects Initiative.

On 17 January 2020, this will be explained during an information day. The projects themselves must be submitted before the end of January. The selection will be done by OVO and will be followed up during a presentation session on 14 February. Ten projects will then be worked out during a boost camp from 24 to 25 February, followed by a number of coaching sessions. These are organised in cooperation with the Flemish Institute for Technology and Research (VITO) and the Thomas More College.

The final public pitch event will take place on 19 March in Leuven. The best three projects will be honoured and followed up by the investment team. This could also include other interesting participating projects in a further process. Selected starters will be given extensive knowledge and will have a chance of obtaining a social loan of up to 50,000 euros.

More information at or at OVO-general manager Björn Macauter:   
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Look here for the video of the 2018 ST4A event in Leuven